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Switzerland is a unique location to live and work. It is possible for everyone to set up here a company. It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive to start the business in this Alps country. 
When moving into Switzerland and starting your business, it is essential to use local experts to be successful.

In the following pages you'll find out how SAL*CON can help make your business in Switzerland and from Switzerland around the globe to be successful


Switzerland is not only known for its' spectacular nature and unique culture but also for its' international business community. Switzerland is a global centre for both finance and trade. When you conside the banking sector, the effective capital markets, an extraordinary reputation as well as the strong and stable Swiss Franc you'll find that Switzerland is one of the most attractive business locations in the world. 
Additionally the Swiss quality of the life is ranked as one the best in the world. These essentials come together to create an ideal place to establish your business. 

Best Country

Switzerland according to many international assessments is one of the most successful countries in the world.

Switzerlands economy is stable

Central Location

Switzerland is centraly located in the heart of Europe having exellent connections everywhere on the globe.

Switzerland's location is perfect

Stable Economy

The neutrality of Switzerland and the strong Swiss Franc has created good basis for a stabile economy. 

Switzerland is the best country

Switzerland as business location

Switzerland is a great location for local and global businesses. It is one ot the world's most competitive economies (WEF2014). It also has a unique reputation and liberal taxation system that has attracted many international corporations to establish their European and EMEA headquorters in Switzerland.  

Best infra-structure

Quite simply, Switzerland is a location where everything is working.

Free trade agreements

Switzerland has free trade agreements with EU and most countries in the world.

Friendly Taxation

Switzerland is not a tax heaven but the taxation is entepreneurial friendly.

Finance center
Banking center

Switzerland possesses one of the strongest banking and finance sectors in the world.

Switzerland is most beautiful country

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